About my work

My work relates mainly to the art of painting. In my work i am not so much looking for the 'pure', but for the reality of the image. The work places itself in an agile position in respect to the different contexts within which it arises. I am looking for the transitive space, a space hitherto void of meaning. A space in transition, where no meaning can be defined because it has not yet arrived in it's entirety. A space where meanings are generated by the connections made, where acting transforms to object. This coexists with a subtle attitude of disregard in choice and treatment of material. New physical frameworks present themselves in which formalism and abstraction have my attention while simultaneously being questioned, looking for an attitude that is relevant for me.

I live and work in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

Email: justque(at)xs4all(dot)nl

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Tel: 00 31 6 24 90 83 69

Photographs ao. Peter Cox, Jhoeko and myself

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